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Our group menu is special. Based on our community’s identified needs, and informed by our staff’s clinical acumen, these programs offer specialized services to help you become your best self. Groups offer added insights and observations, enabling change at deep, enduring levels.


We offer various formats, depending on the type of group work and goals. Some of our offerings are short term, while others run for several weeks or months at a time. Not all of our groups are available, all the time. Some of our groups, like Weight Loss and Weight Management, Moving Through Grief, and our Women’s Group are offered throughout the year. Others rotate on the calendar.


Groups require a minimum number of participants. If that minimum is not met, we may be unable to offer that group at that time. If that occurs, we respond to our patients’ needs by filling that slot with what has been most requested. So, if you see an offering that interests you, please let our schedulers know. They track our patients’ group requests. This process ensures we’re providing what our community needs most at a given time.


Workshops are designed to be brief and targeted on a specific issue. If you or your organization identify the need for a half or full day workshop not listed here, our Behavioral Health providers would be happy to collaborate and create an offering to serve the need.

Note that workshops may not be billable to insurance, but will be offered at a reduced fee per person.

Our Group Menu:

The Team Series for Adolescents

Anger Management for Adolescents

ADHD Skills for Adolescents

In our ACTeam, CBTeam, and DBTeam groups, teens learn empirically-supported tools to help with stress, depression and anxiety, and especially strong emotional responses. Over six sessions, teens learn skills from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Parents are asked to attend introductory and closing sessions for each Team Group, to help them learn how best to support their children and their new tools.

This is a modified version of our Adult Anger Management group, an eight-session cognitive behavioral intervention to help patients better express the emotion of anger. For even stronger effects, patients may consider attending any or all of our Team Series, where they learn complementary skills.

This is a four-session toolkit group. Patients learn empirically-supported skills to help manage ADHD symptoms. This can help patients maximize medication benefits, and also offers skills that will go beyond high school, across adulthood.

Stress and Anxiety Management for Adolescents

This is a modified version of our Stress and Anxiety Management Group for Adults. Patients learn various methods to manage stress and reduce anxiety. Across eight sessions, teens learn new tools that they can then use on their own. This group can be especially helpful for anyone who experiences high stress or expresses high anxiety.

Stress Management for Adolescents Summer Intensive

This is a week-long group designed to help teens build and reinforce stress management skills as they enter the new school year. This group will meet for one week in July or August. Tools learned in this unit are not the same tools offered in our Team Series, but remain based in CBT, DBT, and ACT techniques.

ADHD for Adolescents Summer Intensive

This is a week-long version of our ADHD Skills Group. Participants will meet daily, for one week in July or August, and will learn the same skills we would normally cover over four weeks.

Anger Management for Adults

Over eight sessions, patients learn cognitive behavioral interventions to help understand and better manage anger. Utilizing these skills can improve relationships at home and work, and can help patients move through any strong emotional response. This group may be of special benefit for our patients with PTSD.

Stress and Anxiety Management for Adults

Using CBT techniques, patients learn various methods to manage stress and reduce anxiety. Across eight sessions, our psycholgists provide instruction and support as you learn new tools that you can then use on your own. This group can be especially helpful for anyone who experiences high stress, has a trauma history, or has been advised by their MD that stress is impacting physical health.

Women’s Group

This is an interpersonal process group for women. With the guidance of Dr. Conrath, women can support one another in working on relational and personal-emotional issues in a safe and supportive environment. The Women’s group will run for eight weekly sessions with the possibility for participants to stay on. We encourage participants to commit to the entire course for maximum benefit.

Weight Loss & Management

As many of us know all too well, getting down to and maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult. These weekly groups, facilitated by our Clinical Psychologist Dr Smith-Jones, and in collaboration with our medical and nutrition team, are designed to help you set and reach your personal goals with the added benefit of group support. Weight Loss Group is offered three times a year. Upon completion, patients may attend an ongoing weekly Weight Maintenance Group to support their continued success.

Moving Through Grief

Loss is difficult in even the best of circumstances. Here, where many of us are miles and hours away from our usual supports, moving through loss and grief can become a much more complicated endeavor. Because we cannot predict losses, this group has an open start date, allowing patients to join when the need arises and to stay as long as needed, according to their own journey. We do ask that patients commit to eight sessions when they start, which helps group cohesion and adjustment.


Sometimes, having a reset is helpful to improve the home routine, revisit rewards and consequences, and reduce stress for the whole family. This four-session group for parents offers a chance to apply mindfulness, clarify values, and ensure that expectations for their children align with the parents’ plan to reach those goals. This group is offered in a condensed format, in the first weeks of fall and winter semesters.


This four-session group helps parents reframe and retool electronics usage. We apply mindfulness principles to how the family approaches phones and other electronics, and peers offer support as parents make changes to their own and their children’s screen time. This group is offered in a condensed format, in the first weeks of fall and winter school semesters. Parents may consider our RESET group for complementary tools.

Mittwoc Meditation

In this eight-session group, patients learn and practice various forms of meditation and relaxation. Using yogic, Tonglen, and mindfulness meditation techniques, as well as CBT techniques, patients are guided toward deep focusing and relaxed states. This group is especially helpful for stress and anxiety, and is recommended for our patients with PTSD.

PTSD Intensive

Over the course of eight weeks, patients meet twice weekly for Cognitive Processing Therapy. CPT is a highly effective, empirically-supported treatment for trauma and PTSD. For this intensive, we recommend our Mittwoch Meditation, Anger Management, and/or Stress Management Groups, depending on individual needs…. Participants are also scheduled for regular individual treatment when the group(s) end. As is the case with any intensive program, we ask that patients commit to attending every session for their and the group’s benefit. Size of this group’s cohort is limited to eight participants to allow more individualized support.

Stress Management for Educators Summer Intensive

This is a week-long group designed especially for our patients in education. We recognize the stress you experience as you help our children learn, and this group has been specifically crafted to help you enter the new school year at your best. This group will be meet for one week in July or  August.

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